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Shape the future of your gear. Submit feedback to flight equipment decision makers to help them better understand aircrew priorities and problems.

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Quickly submit feedback on your aircrew flight equipment

GearFit makes it easy for you to provide feedback on your gear. Simply log in to GearFit using your CAC and fill out a simple form.

Your submissions are reviewed by AF Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Human Systems Division gear reps and MAJCOM requirements managers.

Your feedback can impact AF gear projects and priorities

Equipment decision makers can use your feedback to inform requirements and priorities within existing AF acquisitions processes.

So far, GearFit has also helped to:

  • get aircrew custom oxygen masks
  • elevate safety concerns with gunner’s belts
  • educate aircrew on existing gear programs &
    provide additional informational resources

You can
persistent and nagging
gear issues

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